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This course is for you because......


Real women have careers, and raise families. They come in a range of sizes and shapes. Real women celebrate their beauty and power at any age. Real women defy stereotypes. My focus is on helping my clients, busy women who want to look their best, connect with their own confidence through clothing that brings out their most authentic selves.



Confident. Effortlessly beautiful. Sexy. Empowered.

Is that how you feel when you get dressed in the morning?

I consider myself as a fashion stylist for real women. I believe that every woman should—and can—feel this way every day. I've created this course as a step-by-step guide to understanding how to dress for your body (hint: there’s a lot more to it than figuring out if you’re an apple or a pear!) and express yourself with confidence through fashion. With expert advice I educate busy, 40+ women how to look and feel their authentic best! I will teach you how to understand your proportions, how to choose clothes that flatter your body, what to keep in your closet (and what to get rid of!), how to accessorize, where to shop, and more. Dressing with Confidence, Dressing for You is an interactive six-week course that includes videos and lessons, a workbook, weekly video calls with me and more.


What do you get in the course?

Dressing with Confidence, Dressing for You is an interactive six-week course that includes:


Week One: Welcome & Getting Started, & Measuring and Understanding Your Proportions
Week Two: Rules for Your Body Type

Week Three: Defining Your Style
Week Four: Getting to the Core (Closet Essentials)
Week Five: How to Accessorize
Week Six: Where to Shop

A weekly Zoom call with me and other course participants to ask questions, celebrate success, and share ideas. 

A 21 page workbook for you to put what you’re learning into practice by applying the lessons to your real life.

 6+ instructional videos and 20+ photos to visually bring the course to life.

Membership in an exclusive Facebook group where you’ll receive real time advice and support from me and others learning to Dress with Confidence.


Course will begin September 5, 2018