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Real women

Have careers. Raise families. Come in a range of sizes and shapes. Recognize those sizes and shapes change with time. Celebrate their beauty and power at every age.

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Real women defy stereotypes.

And as their Fashion Stylist, so do I. My focus is on helping my clients—busy, 40+ women—connect with their own confidence through clothing that brings out their best, most authentic selves.

With 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and a passion for seeing women light up with joy when they look in the mirror, I educate my clients on the silhouettes, cuts, and proportions that work for their bodies, empowering them to embrace their unique style.

The end result? You, like you’ve never seen yourself before. The real you: Sexy. Modern. Self-assured. You, like you always knew you could look and feel.


Jeanne Rihm of FashionJeanne Headshot  |  Personal Clothing Stylist for Women

Hello, I'm Jeanne!

For me, closets and dressing rooms are places of transformation from which my clients emerge with the self-understanding, knowledge, and encouragement to dress themselves with confidence and joy.

Headshot of Jenny Carr, International Best Selling Author Mom-preneur, speaker and health coach  |  Client of FashionJeanne  |  Personal Clothing Stylist for Women

"I'm officially dubbing Jeanne as my styling fairy godmother.

She is brilliant! After 36 years, I finally get excited about wearing clothes that look great on me, are super comfortable, and I love wearing."

- JENNY CARR, international best selling author, MOM-prenuer, speaker and health coach