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Style. Connection. Confidence.

This is what we all want from our clothing, but without a clear understanding of our body type and how to put together outfits that work for us, we can spend a lot of time trying on clothes that don’t flatter us, and a lot of money buying clothes we never end up wearing.

I love working with women and men who are ready to take their style to the next level with a fresh, modern look that expresses their personality and boosts their confidence in how they present themselves at work and in their private lives.


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I worked with Jeanne Rihm on my wardrobe for a photo shoot and speaking engagement a couple months ago and had the best experience. There were things that Jeanne brought up that I hadn’t even taken into consideration as I was writing my speech, preparing for my trip, sending the shot list to my photographer, etc. On the day of my talk, I got so many compliments on my outfit and when I wore some of the other pieces she put together I had people telling me I looked so chic and “put together.” If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe for spring (or any season!) or to find the perfect outfit for an upcoming event I would highly recommend Jeanne!

- Tara Bradford     |


Let the transformation begin...


Personal Shopping Service

Do you hate to shop? Or do you just not have time for it? If the crowds and lines and endless racks of clothing options are not for you, then my Personal Shopping Service is! Say goodbye to the overwhelm of figuring out where to shop, what to take into the dressing room, how to decide what options work best for you, and how to create outfits out of single pieces. Say hello to ease and expert advice as I show you where to find clothes for your body type, lifestyle, and budget.


In this day of one-on-one shopping, you’ll have my exclusive attention as we piece together a wardrobe that works for you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll review color and as it relates to your skin tone.
  • I’ll guide you in purchasing shoes, accessories, and undergarments as needed.
  • I’ll send you a written follow-up with photos of purchased ensembles and items still needed to round out your closet.

Consulting Fee: $400 for three hours; fees due after appointments.

Contact me to learn more!


Speaker Style Assessment 911

Do you have an important speaking engagement coming up? Maybe it’s for a TED talk, a Keynote, a special event for work, or a charity fundraiser... Whatever you’re preparing for, FashionJeanne gives you focused guidance on how to rise to the occasion looking and feeling your absolute best. Using Zoom means we’re able to meet virtually, and you get access to my styling advice without the hassle of traveling.

This service is available as a single 30-minute session.


This virtual service is designed for those who want FJ styling but are pressed for time. It’s fun, easy, and done in the comfort of your home! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Meet with me face to face via the computer.
  • Show me the clothes you purchased and we’ll talk about what works together and what doesn’t.

Consulting Fee:

Speaker Style Assessment 911 A single 30-minute session: $125; fees due after appointment. Book your session here.

Contact me to learn more!


Closet Editing

How much of what’s in your closet do you actually wear? Most of us have clothes that no longer flatter us, or clothes that we don’t know how to pair up to make an outfit. Closet Editing is all about taking stock of what you have, and purging old, ill-fitting items that do not complement you. Once we’ve weeded out the pieces that don’t work, we can re-style what’s left, going over options for mixing and matching pieces. We’ll also discuss any “closet basics” that might be missing, and how to incorporate them so you have a solid foundation on which to build a wardrobe tailored to your body type and style.

Once your closet has been professionally edited, you’ll have more and better options for putting together outfits, making your morning easier (and happier!), building your confidence, and strengthening your professional brand.  


I will review your current wardrobe, shoes, accessories, handbags and under garments, and guide you in discarding old, unused or “just-not-right” clothing. Here’s what else to expect:

  • We’ll re-style and recreate new outfits with items we established are your base pieces.
  • We’ll discuss fashion rules that pertain to your body type.
  • We’ll establish voids within your wardrobe, and items needed to establish a healthy core closet.

After our session I’ll send you a written follow-up with photos of everything we discussed.

Consulting Fee: $400 for 3 hours; fees due after appointments Contact me to learn more!


FashionJeanne On Call

Want me in your back pocket any time you need me? With FashionJeanne On Call, you get 15 hours of my undivided attention in whatever increments you need, for whatever services you need—personal shopping trips, last minute special occasion consultations, closet refreshes, wardrobe basics, seasonal transitions—you name it, I’m there for you with the expert advice you need to dress with confidence and style all year long.


The ultimate in personal styling, FashionJeanne On Call gives you 15 hours of customized fashion styling as you need them over the course of a year. Here’s what else to expect:

  • You decide when and how you need fashion styling.
  • Your 15 hours can be used in any increment and number of times. Have a special occasion coming up and just need a 15-minute Zoom call to review an outfit? You’ve got it! Want to spend three hours having someone totally revamp your closet? You’ve got that too!

Consulting Fee: $1750/15 hours. Good for one year. Fees due in advance.

Contact me to learn more!


Not sure which offering is the best fit?

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