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Real women & men

Have careers. Raise families. Come in a range of sizes and shapes. Recognize those sizes and shapes change with time. Celebrate who they are, and feel empowered at every age.


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Real women & men defy stereotypes.

And as their Fashion Stylist, so do I. My focus is on helping my clients—busy, men and women—connect with their own confidence through clothing that brings out their best, most authentic selves.

With 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and a passion for seeing my clients light up with joy when they look in the mirror, I educate my clients on the silhouettes, cuts, and proportions that work for their bodies, empowering them to embrace their unique style.

The end result? You, like you’ve never seen yourself before. The real you: Sexy. Modern. Self-assured. You, like you always knew you could look and feel.


Jeanne Rihm of FashionJeanne Headshot  |  Personal Clothing Stylist for Women

Hello, I'm Jeanne!

For me, closets and dressing rooms are places of transformation from which my clients emerge with the self-understanding, knowledge, and encouragement to dress themselves with confidence and joy.



Headshot of Carrie Corboy, RPh, PharmD, CCP  |  FashionJeanne Personal Clothing Stylist Client

I have worked in person with Jeanne on 3 occasions so far and countless times via texts when I needed confirmation on an outfit or whether to buy a new piece.  

We have done seasonal closet evaluations (aka purges) and a shopping trip.  I wish I could always have Jeanne with me for both activities.  Always considering myself an aggressive culler of unfortunate and dated clothing, I learned why certain things work or don't and how to make better choices going forward.  I also learned how to put together what I had.  It's been tremendously helpful and just a relief knowing I had an expert ready to help when I needed it.

The shopping trip was amazing. I bought things I'd never be brave enough to buy on my own (I say brave because I would not have known how to wear them).  I have also felt better in my clothes over the past year than ever.

Lastly, I'll point out that Jeanne is up for any challenge.  I'm a particularly petite (well below the official 5'4" designation by designers--who are they kidding?) woman, I don't love (or even like) to wear much of a heel and am clueless putting together colors.  None of these things were barriers for Jeanne, and the results are clear.

I owe Jeanne a lot for my new found self confidence in my outfit choices.  We all know that self confidence does as much, if not more, for our outward attractiveness than what we're actually wearing, our body shape or makeup.

Thanks, Jeanne!!  So fortunate to have found you. 

- Carrie Corboy, RPh, PharmD, CCP     |

Headshot of Tricia Brouk  |  Writer, Director, Choreographer, TEDx Producer  |  FashionJeanne Personal Clothing Stylist Client

Having Jeanne Rihm as the in house stylist for TEDxLincolnSquare not only elevates the event by having one keen eye on all the speakers. But it also takes so much pressure off of them so they can just focus on their talk. Jeanne knows how to make you feel confident in how she styles you. TEDxLincolnSquare is all about diversity and Jeanne’s brilliance is that she knows how to style anyone and make them feel confidently themselves. 

- Tricia Brouk, Writer/Director/Choreographer/TEDx Producer    |



As someone who has always been a little reluctant to put time and energy into looking 'put together', as a daily practice...I decided to have one session with Jeanne. I cannot even begin to describe how FUN she made styling my outfits to be. After 36 years, I finally get excited about wearing clothes that look great on me, fit into the theme of clothes that I love to wear, while also being super comfortable. I'm officially dubbing Jeanne as my styling fairy god mother. She is brilliant!

Thank you Jeanne! I adore you, your talent and the way you are able to help transform so many lives to feel comfortable and confident in their wardrobe!

- Jenny Carr, international best selling author, MOM-prenuer, speaker and leading anti-inflammatory health coach |


Headshot of Mary Gauthier  |  FashionJeanne Personal Clothing Stylist Client

Jeanne was able to quickly understand my needs, find exactly what worked, and get me screen ready with new clothes, shoes, and accessory’s for TEDx Nashville and TEDxLincolnSquare, CBS This Morning, and The Opry in less than two hours. She was able to quickly update my style in a way that made me excited about wearing clothes again. Head to toe, she took care of me in every single way. It feels so good to look your best. Jeanne is a master of the art of making other people look their best. I am so happy I found her, and I am grateful to be working with her!

- Mary Gauthier, Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter |

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